Theater Verdict
A Supreme Court jury returned a verdict in favor of famed Broadway producers against a theatrical insurance broker, resulting in a judgment of over $2 million. The jury found that the broker had failed to procure adequate insurance for a Broadway-bound production, which had to be abandoned when the star broke his foot just two weeks before the show's New York City opening.

Arbitration Award Set Aside
In a case of first impression, a federal district judge granted Jay Goldberg's motion on behalf of the New York Daily News to vacate a labor arbitrator's award of a $50 million pay increase to union workers, holding that the arbitrator misinterpreted his authority. Daily News owners Morton Zuckerman and Fred Drasner hailed this as a victory enabling the newspaper to enter into a mutually satisfactory agreement with its employees.

Ticket Sales Upheld
Following argument by Jay Goldberg, the Missouri Court of Appeals upheld the right of Carl Icahn and his company, Global Discount Travel Services d/b/a, to sell tickets for air travel on Trans World Airlines at discount fares. The appellate decision upheld the judgment of the lower court, following a bench trial also conducted by Mr. Goldberg, dismissing entirely TWA's $2 billion claims.

Judgment of Acquittal
A federal district judge directed a judgment of acquittal in favor of a criminal defendant on the basis of a principle pressed by Jay Goldberg that prevented the government from utilizing the testimony of FBI and other law enforcement agents to contradict that of the purported victim, stripping bare the government's legal case against the defendant.

East Side Story
On the motion of Jay Goldberg, a New York State Supreme Court judge sustained Donald Trump's right to build a 90-story building on the east side of Manhattan. The court adopted for its decision a point argued by Mr. Goldberg that had been overlooked by other lawyers.

Grand Hyatt for Trump
In a decision that allowed Donald Trump to retain his interest in the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court reversed the lower court and adopted Jay Goldberg's argument that one word out of 15,000 pages of documents ensured that Mr. Trump's partners, the Pritzker family, could not oust Mr. Trump. The Pritzkers ultimately paid Mr. Trump $148 million to buy out his interest.

Prenuptial Agreements Upheld
In a unique appellate decision based solely on the punctuation in a piece of legislation, Jay Goldberg successfully defended a billionaire's prenuptial agreement against his wife's claims of unfairness.

In addition, both times that Donald Trump sought relief from failed marriages, first with Ivana Trump and then with Marla Maples, Jay Goldberg defended each prenuptial agreement from litigation attack.

Trump Wins Nevada Case
In a case where a casino operator lawfully under state law tape recorded conversations, Mr. Goldberg pointed out a unique section of the Federal Wire Tap Statute which made unlawful the use of extremely sophisticated recording devices, despite state law. This led to the abandonment of the case against Mr. Trump.

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